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18 Novembre 203

RokSprocket is a powerful switchblade content display extension, that has multiple, pre-built layout modes: Features, Headlines, Lists, Tabs, Mosaic and Strips. All can be template overridden.

Projet de loi

RokSprocket has a custom administrative interface to make configuring the extension a quick and easy enterprise. Each layout mode has its own RokSprocket specific settings.


A CSS powered dropdown menu system, with advanced features such as, multiple columns with custom widths, custom item distribution, inline icon, subtext, inline modules and positions.

Sécurité amiante

A static menu option that places the first level items in the header and all other child items in the sidebar. These positions are configurable, but optimal in their default positions.


There are eight preset style variations that are bundled with Stratos. Each can be custom configured, such as font type and link color style. You can create new presets through the administrator also.

Rapport de diagnostics

The template includes an assortment of module class suffixes, both stylistic and structural, that can individualize your modular content per page.


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